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MAR-AAR Undergraduate Webinar Series

MAR-AAR is pleased to announce the Undergraduate Webinar Series.  The first webinar is scheduled for Thursday, December 1 from 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm EST.  Mark Leuchter from Temple University will lead the first session entitled, How does religion overlap with other academic disciplines? This session is free but registration is required.  Register HERE by adding your name and email address.  All attendees must register by Wednesday, November 23.  The virtual platform for this event will be announced after the registration deadline.  Here is a brief abstract:

The study of religion possesses important points of contact with virtually every corner of the Humanities and Social Sciences. Despite this, it is also among the most misunderstood discipline among those who have never studied it on the college/university level. How do the subjects, methods, and insights emerging from the study of religion relate to other avenues of inquiry? When do these meeting points occur, and why? How are other areas of study enriched by identifying and examining the way that they intersect with the study of religion – and what are the obstacles students and instructors face in attempting to answer these questions? This webinar will facilitate discussion on these issues as part of an ongoing series for undergraduate students to contribute to the larger scholarly conversation about the role of religion in the study of the Liberal Arts.