2019-2020 Sections, Chairs, and Co-Chairs


Wildcard Sections are experimental sections, geared toward opening doors for burgeoning scholarship in our region. Some Wildcard Sections only have a lifespan of one year. Others go on to become full sections. Please reach out to the Section Chairs for more information.


Submit proposals to:

• Christopher Fici (Co-Chair), Union Theological Seminary, clf2138@utsnyc.edu

• Sabrina D. MisirHiralall (Co-Chair), Montclair State University, misirhiralall.s@gmail.com

Religion and Bioethics 

Submit Proposals to:

• Jennifer Cohen (Chair), Columbia University, jpc2195@columbia.edu

Full Sections

Ancient Philosophy in the Western World

Submit proposals to:

• Sean Skedzielewski (Chair), Rowan University, skedzielewski@rowan.edu

Asian Religions

Submit proposals to:

• Song-Chong Lee (Chair), The University of Findlay, lee@findlay.edu

• Hyun Choo, (Co-Chair), SUNY Stony Brook, bhyun.choo@stonybrook.edu

• Chung Nam Ha, Won Institute, chungnam.ha@woninstitute.edu

Black Theology

Submit proposals to:

• Xavier Pickett (Co-Chair), New York University, xavier.pickett@nyu.edu

• Stanley Talbert (Co-chair), Union theological Seminary, stt2117@utsnyc.edu

Christian History and Theology

Submit proposals to:

• Conrad Fischer (Chair), Brookdale Hospital Medical Center, conradfischermd@gmail.com

• Sergey Trostyanskiy (Co-chair), Union Theological Seminary, st2399@utsnyc.edu

• Nicholas Sooy (Co-chair), Fordham University, nsooy@fordham.edu

Comparative Religion and Ecology

Submit proposals to:

• Jea Sophia Oh (Chair), West Chester University of Pennsylvania, sophiajs5@gmail.com

• Christopher Fici (Co-Chair), Union Theological Seminary, clf2138@utsnyc.edu

Contemporary Theology

Submit proposals to:

• Rory Misiewicz (Chair), Princeton Theological Seminary rory.misiewicz@ptsem.edu

• Dave de la Fuente (Co-Chair), Fordham University, davedelafuente@gmail.com

• Andrew Peterson (Co-Chair), Princeton Theological Seminary, andrew.peterson@ptsem.edu

Continental Philosophy

Submit proposals to:

• Sean D’Alessio (Chair), Independent Scholar, sdpgh@protonmail.com

Global Religion and Pluralism

Submit proposals to:

• Linh Hoang (Co-Chair), Siena College, lhoang@siena.edu

• Amy Weiss (Co-Chair), College of Saint Elizabeth, amyweiss@nyu.edu

Interreligious and Interfaith Studies

Submit proposals to:

• Heon Kim (Chair), East Stroudsburg University, heonkim@esu.edu

• Joyce Ann Konigsburg (Co-Chair), Notre Dame University of Maryland, joycekphd@gmail.com

Philosophy of Religion

Submit proposals to:

• Matthew Tennant (Chair), L'Université Chrétienne du Nord d'Haiti, matthew.tennant@regents.oxon.org

Postcolonial and Religious Studies

Submit proposals to:

• Rob Ames (Co-Chair), Independent Scholar, roblames@gmail.com

• Sudabée Lotfian-Mena (co-Chair), Valladolid & Marymount, slotfian@marymount.edu

Psychology and Religion

Submit proposals to:

• Brigid Burke, D.Litt. (Chair), Montclair State University, burkeb@montclair.edu

• Aida Haddad, M.Div. (Co-Chair), Indiana University School of Medicine, haddada@iu.edu

Religion and Education

Submit proposals to:

• Janice McLean-Farrell (Co-Chair), New Brunswick Theological Seminary, mclean-farrell@nbts.edu

• Kate Soules (Co-Chair), Boston College, soules@bc.edu

• Benjamin Marcus (Co-Chair), Religious Freedom Center, bmarcus@freedomforum.org

Religion and Ethics

Submit proposals to:

• Michael J. Stell (Chair), Catholic University of America, 71stell@cua.edu

• Ryan Longton (Co-Chair), 28longton@cua.edu

Religion and Leadership

Submit proposals to:

• Andrey Shirin (Co-Chair), John Leland Center for Theological Studies, ashirin@leland.edu

• Deborah Evans (Co-Chair), Alvernia University, deborah.evans@alvernia.edu

Religion, Conflict, and Peace

Submit proposals to:

• Dan Christy Randazzo (Chair), danchristyrandazzo@gmail.com

• Heon Kim (Co-Chair), East Stroudsburg University, heonkim@po-box.esu.edu

Religion, Gender, and Sexuality

Submit proposals to:

• Kyung-Sun Hong (Co-Chair), County College of Morris, khong@drew.edu

• Corey Harris (Co-Chair), Alvernia University, corey.harris@alvernia.edu

Religion in America

Submit proposals to:

• Lauve H. Steenhuisen (Chair), Georgetown University, steenhul@georgetown.edu

Religions of the Latin/x Americas

Submit proposals to:

• Harold Morales (Co-Chair), Morgan State University, harold.morales@morgan.edu

• Jorge Juan Rodriguez V, Union Theological Seminary, jjrodriguezv@me.com

Scriptural Reasoning

Submit proposals to:

• Matthew Vaughan (Co-Chair), Columbia University, matthew@matthewvaughan.net

• Matthew Goldstone (Co-Chair), Jewish Theological Seminary, magoldstone@gmail.com

Sunni African-American Muslims and Islamophobia

Submit proposals to:

• T A Bashir, Independent Scholar, tbashir50@gmail.com

Theology, Aesthetics, and Art

Submit proposals to:

• Michele Stanback (Chair), Union Theological Seminary, m.lisa.stanback@gmail.com

• Jé Hooper (Co-Chair), Union Theological Seminary, jrmhooper@gmail.com

Trauma and Theology

Submit proposals to:

• Amy McLaughlin-Sheasby (Chair), Boston University, sheasby@bu.edu

• Jeehyun Baek (Co-Chair), Boston University, jhbaek@bu.edu

Undergraduate Section

Submit proposals to:

• Kim Paffenroth (Co-Chair), Iona College, kimpaffenroth@msn.com

• Sabrina D. MisirHiralall (Co-Chair), Montclair State University, misirhiralall.s@gmail.com

Women’s Caucus

Submit proposals, noting the particular panel to which you are submitting, to:

• Julia Berger, University of Kent, juliamberger@gmail.com

• Dorothy Rogers, Montclair University, rogersd@mail.montclair.edu